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Since I began writing full-time, my goal has been to publish a book every six months. I’ve been trying to make this goal a reality, but it’s just not happening yet. Maybe as I get more books under my belt, I’ll be able to streamline my process and publish more books in a timely manner. But I’m not willing to sacrifice quality for speed.

Having said that, Moral Hazard is currently being copy edited, and I’m working on the cover. It will be out as soon as possible.

For the remainder of this year, I’m setting a new goal. I’m not quite able to write, edit, and publish two full-length novels in one year. So I’m going to attempt to complete one full-length novel (the next in the Southern Fraud series) and a shorter, novella-length work. If time permits, I might add a second novella or short story to the mix.

So what’s my next project? While Julia and Vincent take a short break after the publication of Moral Hazard, I’m going to work on my first novella! And guess what. It’s another work in the Personages of Pride and Prejudice Collection.

Can you guess which character will be the star?

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