The Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection

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The Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection includes, Charlotte Collins, “Maria Lucas,” and Caroline Bingley.

Plus Bonus Deleted Scenes! (Kindle edition only)

Charlotte Collins

When Charlotte Lucas married Mr. Collins in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice,
she believed herself to be fortunate indeed. Her nuptials gained her a
comfortable home and financial security. If she acquired these things at
the expense of true love, it did not matter one whit. To Charlotte,
love in marriage was nothing more than a pleasant coincidence.

As the years of her marriage dragged by, Charlotte began to question
her idea of love as she suffered continual embarrassment at her
husband’s simpering and fawning manners. When Mr. Collins dies, finally
relieving everyone of his tedious conversation, she must work feverishly
to secure her income and home. She gives no further thought to the
prospect of love until her flighty sister Maria begs her to act as her
chaperone in place of their ailing parents. Hoping to prevent Maria from
also entering an unhappy union, Charlotte agrees, and they are quickly
thrust into a world of country dances, dinner parties, and marriageable

But when an unprincipled gentleman compromises Charlotte’s
reputation, her romantic thoughts disappear at the prospect of losing
her independence. As she struggles to extricate herself from her
slander, her situation reveals both the nature of each gentleman and of
true love.

“Maria Lucas”

A Short Story in the Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection

After a great deal of romantic strife, Maria Lucas finds herself
married to Mr. Jonas Card in a desperate attempt to extricate herself
and her sister Charlotte from a dire financial situation. Mr. Card,
however, truly loves Maria and has vowed to woo her. Alas, she views him
only in friendly terms. But when it seems that Mr. Card’s feelings have
changed, Maria sets out to discover why. And through a series of
unexpected events, Mr. Card succeeds in wooing his wife without saying a

“Maria Lucas” is a post script to the novel Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As such, it contains minor spoilers, but it can be read as a stand-alone piece.

This is a short story (approximately 5,000 words) and was formerly titled “Maria’s Romance.”

Caroline Bingley

When Charles Bingley and Mr. Darcy made proposals of marriage to the Bennet sisters at the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley was both distressed by her brother’s choice of bride and humiliated by Mr. Darcy’s rejection of her.

And she made her objections known.

Now banished from her brother’s household, Caroline must return to
her mother’s home in the north of England until she can make amends with
both Bennet sisters. Desperate though Caroline may be to return to
polite company, she absolutely refuses to apologize to Miss Elizabeth
Bennet, and instead, she seeks an alternative route back into society in
the form of Mr. William Charlton, heir to a barony.

Through her existing connections with Mr. Charlton’s sister Lavinia,
Caroline begins to infiltrate the household in the hopes of securing the
gentleman and his title for herself. However, she must also contend
with her vexing emotions regarding Mr. Patrick Rushton, a once-wealthy
landowner, and the meddlesome opinions of Mrs. Rosemary Pickersgill, the
companion sent by her brother.

When all that Caroline has ever dreamed of attaining—an ancient
family name, a title, and a home of her own—is finally within her reach,
will she grasp for it even if it means disregarding the workings of her
own heart? Or will she cast off the trappings of society and give
herself to true love?

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