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Are you on Bookbub? I am. Actually, I’m on it twice under my two different genre names. I’ve been part of Bookbub for years, and it’s really developed into something more than a book recommendation newsletter. It’s like social media for book lovers. You can still get book recommendation newsletters for genres you select. But […]

Southern Fraud Series


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Readers of the Southern Fraud series may notice some changes to the way I’m presenting the books. These changes are all superficial, and half of them won’t even be noticeable to the naked eye. But in the background, I’ll be experimenting with adjustments to genre as well as Amazon’s search categories, keywords, and metadata. In […]

Book Business

The Marketing Department: What Not to Do

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As I reviewed my proposed outline for what has turned into a 7-part series on book marketing, I realized I’m heading into the weeds with my Book Business series. I’m going to head myself off at the pass and move on to other topics for two main reasons: This is supposed to be a series […]

Publishing Fear Free

Gaming the System

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Recently, one of my social media feeds spit out this article, which details how certain members of the indie author community are gaming the Amazon Kindle Unlimited system and other Amazon ranking systems to their unfair advantage. It’s no surprise that people try to work the system. Traditional publishers have been doing that literally forever with the […]


Prime Day Deals for Readers

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Amazon Prime Day starts today at 3 PM EST, and that means great deals for readers!* If you aren’t already a Prime member, you can still participate by signing up for a 30-day free trial: If you don’t want to remain a Prime member after the end of your trial period, be sure to cancel! […]