Making the Most of Amazon Prime: Prime Reading

You guys, I am so behind! I’ve had Amazon Prime for years, but I used it primarily (pun, sorry) for the free shipping, video streaming, Kindle Lending, and Prime Day sales. But I was totally missing out! Did you know about Prime Reading? You probably do. As I said, I’m behind. I recently went camping […]

KDP Select Ad Campaigns

I noticed something new pop up on my KDP account. Pay per click ads on Amazon! Here’s the information available.

How to Get Automatic Updates on Kindle Books

Occasionally, publishers make corrections and improvements to their ebook offerings. Until recently, Kindle owners had to update books manually. Did you know that? Yeah, I didn’t know until a few months back. But now, you can set your Kindle to update books automatically. Just log into your Amazon account and go to “Manage Your Kindle.” […]

PSA: Automatic Kindle Book Updates

You may or may not have known this, but in order to get updates to Kindle books, you used to have to download them manually using’s Manage Your Kindle feature. You used to have to scroll through all your titles, look for the “new version available” notation, and download it. What a pain. But […]

My Thoughts on the Kindle Paperwhite

As an author, I try to keep up with the latest ereader technology so that I can ensure that my books proved the best possible reading experience. (Plus, I like new toys.) So I ordered the new Paperwhite. A few people have asked how I like it, so after a few weeks of use, I […]