Austen Experience: Not Her Style?

  OK, everyone grab your smelling salts and assume a Mrs. Bennet-like posture on your sofa because I am about to induce an attack on your poor nerves.  Here we go.   Are you ready?   Jane Austen had an editor.   I’ll give you a moment to recover.  

PSA: From the Copy Editor’s Desk

Apparently, this is somekind of Wiki copy editor’ssymbol. I kind of like it. I would like to offer this public service announcement on behalf of all copy editors. Writers: please heed the style guide given to you by the publisher. Please, for the love of God, listen when they tell you how to format a document. Here […]

Errors: Those Dreadful Things

Charlotte Collins in the flesh. Sort of. Now that I am finally back at work after a week of helping my ninety-one-year-old grandmother through a very difficult shoulder surgery, I am able to see Charlotte Collins in book form. I cannot describe the sensation of actually holding my book in my hands. It is at […]