For Real: Expanded Distribution Is Coming

Since the release of Charlotte Collins, I’ve been hemming and hawing about the wisdom of opening expanded distribution of the paperback. I know distribution is a key to sales, but expanding it would require me to price the book higher to account for the other retailers’ cuts. I really want to make my books available […]

On Being a New York Times Bestseller

Something Else I’ll Never Be When I was still considering the traditional publishing route, I felt a bit like I was walking a fence line. I felt like I needed to be guarded in expressing my opinions on certain topics within the publishing field if for no other reason than because I wanted to keep […]

CreateSpace and Online Paperback Distribution

  Consider this a retraction and clarification of the following point on my blog from yesterday about what traditional publishers may still be able to do better:  Online paperback distribution at good prices: While indies do have the option of expanded distribution to all online book retailers that traditional houses do, in my opinion, trad pubs still […]

Some Thougths on Traditional vs Independent Publishing

I never wanted to self-publish, and I likely never would have if I had not been challenged to do so. As a result, my opinion of self-publishing has become much more favorable, and I’ve posted lots of benefits about this method of publishing. But does that mean I am against traditional publishing? No. I still work […]

Riding the Learning Curve

There is a lot to learn about the business of book publishing, and my experience has proven to be no exception. I started this blog to help others who may be in my position by posting honestly about my successes and my mistakes. So here’s one thing I didn’t do perfectly. When I began this journey […]