Prime Day Deals for Readers

Amazon Prime Day starts today at 3 PM EST, and that means great deals for readers!* If you aren’t already a Prime member, you can still participate by signing up for a 30-day free trial: If you don’t want to remain a Prime member after the end of your trial period, be sure to cancel! […]

Friday Five: Things I Do Not Like To Read

Disclaimer: I do not hate most of these things. In fact, I read and watch shows that contain these plot devices or characteristics. However, I do not actively seek out these types of stories, and for me to enjoy them, they have to be exceptional. 1. Deep, Dark Secrets I generally do not enjoy books […]

Friday Five: What I Love to Read (or Watch)

One of the best ways to find yourself as a writer–or heck, even as a reader–is to make a list of the types of stories that you love to read. This will help you decide what to write or purchase. Here are five things that I love in books and in TV shows and movies. […]

Friday Five: Top Netflix Bingewatches

1. The Office True confession: I have watched The Office at least a dozen times. Probably more. Every time through the series, I am struck by how the writers make me root for even the least likable characters on the show. Michael can be at his most childish at one moment and then do something genuinely […]

Another Year of New Beginnings

To usher in 2014, I wrote an anti-resolution post, and I’d like to update that for 2016. And again for 2017. Below is the text of that post. Scroll down to see each year’s additions. 2014 I had a post about my resolutions for 2014 all ready to go, but I tossed it in the […]