See Bath by Skateboard

I can’t tell you how happy this video makes me. See bath in a unique way. This has been your moment of zen.

Writing Fear Free: Reading Aloud

This weekend, I read the manuscript of Caroline Bingley aloud to my husband. (He wasn’t held hostage or anything.) He wouldn’t choose to sit down and read a Jane Austen sequel, but he does have a certain respect for books and movies that usually appeal to women. I also did this with Charlotte Collins, and […]

Caroline Bingley…Is a Cow

My next Jane Austen sequel focuses on another minor character: Caroline Bingley. When I announced that on Twitter, the general response was curiosity about how I would handle her character because, to quote my friend Mark, “she is a cow.” In fact, he designed a book cover in honor of dear, sweet Caroline. I kinda […]

Regency Romance and Modern Mystery?

I’ve decided that I’ve enjoyed my journey into indie publishing so much that I’m going to release another novel that has been hiding in a drawer for a year or two. This novel is completely different from Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In fact, it’s a modern mystery set in […]