12 Habits of Highly Productive Writers (with Commentary)

This infographic came through my Pinterest feed the other day, and it has some useful information to help maximize your writing output. Let’s take them one at a time. They reject the notion of “writer’s block.” I don’t believe it exists. “Writer’s block” is actually a symptom of a different problem. That problem could be […]

Why I Wrote a Book

This is exactly why I decided to go from dreaming of being a writer to actually writing a book. (Grammar Nazis’ heads are spinning after that breach of grammar!) I wrote Charlotte Collins because I wanted to read a book about her, but no such thing existed. So I wrote it. FYI: You can get […]

How to Write a Novel YOUR Way

When people discover that I write for a living, they either look at me as if they are questioning my life choices, or they ask if I think they should write a book too. Writing a novel is a long and difficult process, but it’s supposed to be fun. If you don’t have a passion for […]

Behind the Scenes

There’s a mystique about writing. Books seem to come into existence as if by magic, flying from the minds and fingers of authors. They even beam themselves onto our Kindles. But it ain’t magic. It’s a labor of love undertaken by regular people, like me, who love stories. We don’t all use the same process or […]

Writing Process Experimentation

This week (Monday through Friday), I wrote approximately 14,000 words on Shock Loss. That’s almost double my output on an average writing week. And so far, it seems to be good, usable text that will actually make it to the final draft. (I hope.) This came as a part of some experimentation in my writing […]