Bic 4-Color Pen

The Ultimate 1980s Pen

Kids today want iPhones. I just wanted this pen.

  • 4 ink colors in 1 pen
  • Ideal for organizing and color-coding copy, Bullet Journaling, doodling, and more (passing intricately folded notes in class)
  • Long-lasting, refillable ink in blue, green, black, and red for fun and colorful expression
  • Features a hole for attachment to a lanyard (Who knew?!)
  • Versatile 1.0mm medium point is perfect for everyday use
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The Iconic Bic 4-Color Pen

Yes, iconic. The Bic 4-Color Pen takes me right back to childhood, where my love of writing began. If you grew up in the 1980s, then you know that these are not just pens. These are the Ultimate Pens.

The Ultimate Pen

The other day, I spotted a variety pack of these pens in a back-to-school display, and all of a sudden, I was ten years old again. I could see myself in the grocery store with my mom,  browsing the school supplies aisle while she shopped. I was always trying to figure out how to convince her I needed one of these Bic 4-Color Pens.

I barely restrained myself from buying the 6-pack. I mean, I have 3 at home already. Yup. Three of them. That’s 12 glorious clicky colors at my disposal.

There may be thousands of other pens on the market now, but these 1.0 mm ballpoint pens have a special place in my heart. These pens made school work fun.

Well, maybe not fun exactly. But more fun than it would have been with a boring, old, one-color pen.

In theory, the red, green, blue, and black inks served a practical purpose. You can easily color code information with a click of the pen. But let’s be real. Mostly, I used them to write multicolor notes that were then intricately folded and handed to friends. When not involved in diligent note-writing–er, note-taking–there was a bonus option: removing the blue case and doodling with all four colors at once.

The Review

The Bic 4-Color Pen isn’t what I reach for on a regular basis. These days I prefer gel pens.

If you enjoy 1.0 mm ballpoint pens, then you’ll love the way these write. The ink is smooth and not smeary. Plus, you get 4 colors in 1. Overall, it’s a good quality item.

My Rating

5/5 for Nostaligia

Tell me that you love this pen as much as I do.

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