Sample Editorial Agreement

SAMPLE Editorial Agreement

_______________ [editor] hereby promises to perform the following services for _______________ [author] on the book _________________:

(1) a basic copyedit, which includes consideration of and suggestions for mechanical and substantive issues. The editor will complete the comprehensive edit 30 days after the Editorial Agreement is signed and returned by the author.

By signing this agreement, the author states that he has read and understands the Editorial Agreement, the Editorial Price List, and the description of Author/Editor Relations. The author also understands and agrees that the editor has the right not to accept rewrites submitted six months (6 months) after the author receives the manuscript.

Fees and Payment Schedule

In exchange for a basic copyedit of ____________________, the author agrees to pay the editor $0.024 per word.

Determination of Fees: The author requested a basic copyedit at $0.024 per word. The author’s manuscript contains 60,000 words (excluding marketing information and photo captions). Therefore the total cost will be $1,440.00 (60,000 x $0.024).

Half ($720.00) of the fee will be paid to the editor upon signing this Editorial Agreement.

The remaining half ($720.00) will be paid upon the completion of the comprehensive copyedit.

By signing this agreement, the author agrees to the above fees and payment schedule.