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3 Reasons I Am Hitting Refresh

As I am working on At Fault, I must remain conscious of everything that has happened in Absolute Liability and Death Benefits. The story has to continue and make sense, but so do all the trappings of the series, like titles, subtitles, cover art, and even little things like interior fonts.

A few weeks ago, I began working on the cover of At Fault. Because I’m not a professional, it takes me a long time to get it right. As I began the process, I looked back at the previous two books and realized I wanted to freshen them up.

And here’s the result:


1. The book’s title should pop, and I felt that the title of Absolute Liability was getting lost a bit. Remember that your title should be legible even at thumbnail size, which is the first view most readers will have of your book online.

2. The Southern Fraud series needed a more cohesive look, something to unify them as a set. Previously, I relied on my bright, high contrast color scheme to attain this. But now, rather than just using a color scheme or font to do this, I am using a shape: skewed boxes around the title (or parts of the title as the case may be).

3. Rebranding: I’ve blogged about my genre identity crisis several times, and I’ve decided to call my series suspense so that I can move the books around the genre lists more easily to find where a crime dramedy will work best.

To celebrate the refreshed covers and to get me in the right mind frame for my own personal refresh (I’m going to the beach, baby! Until then, I’m going to be finishing up the latest draft of At Fault so that my early readers/criticizers can weigh in.), both Absolute Liability and Death Benefits are on sale.

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