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Anne Rice: Write What Excites You

I quite like this video by Anne Rice. I don’t agree 100 percent that publishers are looking for truly new voices or stories. With so many trendy, lookalike books out there and based on my own personal experience, I suspect that many publishers are actually looking for new spins on proven genres, books that can easily be labelled, safe books. This makes sense. They want to keep it fresh, but they also do not want to take a huge risk. Doing something truly new or cross-genre is a financial risk for a publisher.

That’s why it’s so nice to have the opportunity to self-publish. You can take the risk yourself and see who is right. And Anne Rice says the same.

Anyway, after watching this video, I have the urge to write something purely for fun. Maybe something in the supernatural realm, which I’ve never seriously considered.

2 thoughts on “Anne Rice: Write What Excites You

  1. ‘Interview with a Vampire,’ truly, is my favorite book. She opened up so many doors for me as a teen. I love her.

    Go supernatural!!! Do it!!

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