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Caroline Bingley: the Cover

Here is the front cover of Caroline Bingley!

Original Art by Hamilton Hamilton

Artist: Hamilton Hamilton (Odd name.)
Title: Woman with Fan
Year: 1900

This is another wonderful work in the public domain.

I created the cover using my ancient–but still excellent–Paint Shop Pro program.

And yes, I am branding all my Jane Austen sequel covers. More on that later.

Let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Caroline Bingley: the Cover

  1. I like the first one better – it ties in better with the cover of your first book, giving your “series” a cohesive look.

  2. I love the soft lines and the sense of mystery about the figure. Her face is hidden and her motives are unclear!

  3. This literally took my breath away. It’s a beautiful picture, Jennifer, and it is so obviously of the same series as Charlotte Collins. I hadn’t thought of making my covers all match in some way, but it’s an excellent idea.

  4. Use what you got. Cover art is a powerful tool. I want people to look at my book and know I wrote it by the appearance alone.

  5. Beautiful cover Jennifer, elegant & lovely. It would catch my eye on the shelf for sure! Congrats on the new book-You are on a roll! Your book “Charlotte Collins” is next on our list for our mini book club via bookworm blog. I will keep you up to date on when we start discussing it. 🙂
    Susan aka @lovesjaneausten on twitter.

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the artwork you have chosen for all 3 books.
    I just finished Charlotte Collins & Maria Lucas and would have to recommend them
    to all my regency loving friends as well as my P&P friends. The continuation of the characters remain consistent.
    Thank you!

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