Spend a Year with Jane Austen

I have two new Kindle options: 1. A Year with Jane Austen: Modern Austen Short Stories Celebrate the holidays and special seasons of the year with a visit to all six of Jane Austen’s major novels. This is a collection of all my modern Austen short stories originally found in Holidays with Jane. Includes “Infatuation […]

Emma: Worst Heroine, Best Moral

Emma is one of my least favorite of Austen’s heroines, but not for the reasons listed in this article on lithub, namely that she is handsome, clever, and rich. We still have complicated responses to women who have more, look better, and do more, and worst of all, don’t seem all that apologetic about it. […]

Happy Birthday, Miss Austen

Dear Miss Austen, In celebration of your 240th birthday–though I suppose a lady would not like to reveal her age–my gift to you would be to tell you about your legacy. (Though it is actually a gift you gave yourself.) Through your books, you have achieved a certain type of immortality. They have become movies […]

The Real Mr. Darcy Found?

Dr Susan Law believes the fictional aristocrat was based on the first Earl of Morley, John Parker, who was married to a friend of Austen and said to be “intense”. She now claims to have built a “convincing argument” for pinning down the real Fitzwilliam Darcy, admitting she cannot be “100 per cent” sure…. Other […]

Jane Says: Mary Bennet

What Jane Austen really said about Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Take the quiz first, and read the truth here!