The Design Department (Part 4)

Cover Design The Design Department (Part 4) A book’s cover introduces the reader to the content even before they peruse the first sentence. A good cover will convey the subject, tone, and genre of the work upon first glance. Plus, it’s got to stand out among thousands of other books that are also trying to […]

The Design Department (Part 3)

Typesetting Paperbacks The Design Department (Part 3) The main difference between formatting an ebook and typesetting a print book is the ability of the text to reflow. A printed book is static. Once you place an item, it never moves. You have ultimate design control from the title page to every single word break. You […]

The Design Department

Welcome to the Design Department! As an indie publisher, you are ultimately responsible for the presentation of your product–your book–to potential readers. You get to choose your cover art, the title font, and even the interior layout of your book. The Design Department is where your edited text turns into a real book! Your manuscript […]

3 Reasons I Am Hitting Refresh

As I am working on At Fault, I must remain conscious of everything that has happened in Absolute Liability and Death Benefits. The story has to continue and make sense, but so do all the trappings of the series, like titles, subtitles, cover art, and even little things like interior fonts. A few weeks ago, […]

No Fewer than Two Guns

I’m taking a break from the last edits of Death Benefits to blog about book cover and interior design. I predict (no crystal ball needed) that this is really going to take off in the near future. Apple is already on the move with a drag and drop ebook creation software that allows authors to […]