Setting Boundaries When You Work from Home

This post went through a few title ideas: The Fine Art of Saying No Good Fences/Good Neighbors Admitting Limitations I chose “Setting Boundaries” because it most adequately describes today’s topic: deciding what to do with your time and what tasks would be better to delegate or turn down. For me, this is a difficult subject  […]

Correction Re: Amazon Algorithm and Price

I made a mistake, and I’d like to rectify that. In my Indie Jane post from June 2012, I discussed the influence of price on rank at Amazon. My mistake? I mashed together the popularity list and the bestsellers list. Thanks to this blog post by Phoenix Sullivan, the matter is now clearer. Read it. […]

Business Basics for Authors: Market Forces and Price

How do you place a value on an item? When faced with the prospect of setting the price of a book, many authors (and creators of other products) begin by assessing the amount of time and money they have put into the production of the product, and that is not wrong. It is important to […]

In the News: DOJ, Apple, et al.

So this post will probably make your eyes roll back in your head, and not in a good way. But if you are an indie publisher, it’s important for you to keep up with big industry news because even if it’s not directly related to us; it affects us. So you’ve probably heard about the […]

Business Basics for Authors: The Sweet Spot

In the first Business Basics for Authors post, I talked about how ebook pricing affects the number of books an author sells. Higher price=fewer sales, but more profit per unit sold Lower Price=more sales, but lower profit per unit sold So what does this mean for me? How do I price my book? Do I […]