The Design Department (Part 3)

Typesetting Paperbacks The Design Department (Part 3) The main difference between formatting an ebook and typesetting a print book is the ability of the text to reflow. A printed book is static. Once you place an item, it never moves. You have ultimate design control from the title page to every single word break. You […]

The Design Department (Part 2)

Formatting Ebooks The Design Department (Part 2) The Design Department posts will present an overview of basic book design for indie publishers, but it is by no means an in-depth how-to. This series will offer options for making your vision come to life, and as we go along, I’ll suggest some resources that will tackle […]

The Design Department

Welcome to the Design Department! As an indie publisher, you are ultimately responsible for the presentation of your product–your book–to potential readers. You get to choose your cover art, the title font, and even the interior layout of your book. The Design Department is where your edited text turns into a real book! Your manuscript […]

The Editorial Department (Part 3)

What to Expect from Your Editor So far, in this series on the editing aspects of the book business (part 1 and part 2) , we discussed author-editor relations, levels of editing, and some general pricing structure. Now let’s talk about what authors should expect from editors. When your work comes back from the editor, you […]

Review of Caro at To Read or Not To Read

I’m so excited about the newest review of Caroline Bingley at Two Read or Not To Read. Please go over and check it out. Marcie has an active blog, full of excellently well-written reviews. Also, I’m offering a few tips for turning your novel into an ebook today at Indie Jane, so even if you’re […]