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For Real: Expanded Distribution Is Coming

Since the release of Charlotte Collins, I’ve been hemming and hawing about the wisdom of opening expanded distribution of the paperback. I know distribution is a key to sales, but expanding it would require me to price the book higher to account for the other retailers’ cuts. I really want to make my books available at the lowest possible prices, but I also want them to be in as many locations as possible for convenience.

Well, I’ve finally decided to open distribution. In preparation, I made one very minor change to the back cover, and then, I’ll have to wait for the proof to arrive. Once that happens, I’ll be changing the list price to $12.99, which will likely be discounted by the retailers. (In case you’re a curious indie, royalties are still paid based on the list price.) That will make the paperback available online at BN, Books-a-Million, etc.

We’ll see how it goes.

The book will be off sale temporarily (less than 48 hours) on Amazon, but if you are desperate, you can buy a copy from my website. Thanks for your patience.

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