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Free eBooks for Everybody, or Serious Testing in Progress

Warning: Math Ahead

So I joined the Kindle Select Publishing program, which allows authors to include their books for lending in the Kindle Prime Lending Library. It also allows them to offer their enrolled books free for up to 5 days every 3 months. In exchange for these benefits, authors are required to make their ebook exclusive to Amazon for the duration of their enrollment.

So what do you get in exchange for exclusivity? What are the cold, hard facts? Is it worth removing your books from all other venues? Well, I’m asking the same questions, and I’m testing the program to the fullest this month.

Last week, I made Absolute Liability free on Kindle for one day. This resulted in increased visibility on the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Free list and a shake-up of my “customers who bought” feature. These two factors, I assume, pushed the book as high as rank 374 when it returned to sale at $2.99. It also provided some visibility for Death Benefits. This resulted in my highest earnings day ever.

Is that a consistent result? Will a book in a smaller market do as well? I don’t know, but I’m finding out. Today both my historical romance novels–Charlotte Collins and Caroline Bingley–will be free. So if you aren’t sure you want to spend money on a romance about minor characters in Pride and Prejudice, now is the time to download them and give them a go for free. And you’ll be helping with my experiment.

Indies, check back later for more results of this trial.

6 thoughts on “Free eBooks for Everybody, or Serious Testing in Progress

  1. Free? But I don’t download.

    I just don’t know when I’ll join the 21st century.

    Back to turning pages….


    So glad all of this is happening for you… I am.

  2. These books are well worth the price that they are normally, and such a treat at FREE. I think that everyone should take a chance on Charlotte and Caroline! Good Luck on your experiment, and if I didn’t already have them, I would grab them all over again!

  3. I find this experiment very interesting. I will be interested to know the results.
    I hope you continue to sell tons of copies! 🙂
    Now I am just wiling away until At Fault comes out! 😀

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