Friday Five: Things I Do Not Like To Read

Disclaimer: I do not hate most of these things. In fact, I read and watch shows that contain these plot devices or characteristics. However, I do not actively seek out these types of stories, and for me to enjoy them, they have to be exceptional.

1. Deep, Dark Secrets

I generally do not enjoy books that focus on deep, dark family secrets. They’re basically stories about people who refuse to speak to each other frankly, sometimes spanning multiple generations. No, thanks. I don’t love mistaken identity stories for the same reason. If the plot of a whole movie or book could be completely derailed by someone saying, “No, my name is actually John Smith,” then most of the time, I just don’t want to bother with it.


2. Ignoring the Obvious Question

I gave up on the TV show Lost because no one ever asked the obvious question of people who might know that answer. Someone needed to ask, “Hey, what is that smoke monster all about?” Even if the answer is “I don’t know,” the question needed to be asked.  If it becomes clear that whatever I’m reading or watching is all about presenting 10,000 confounding situations, but no one asks the obvious question, I’m out of there.

3. Boy Wizards

I love a good supernatural tale. Give me monsters, ghosts, walkers, zombies, and even vampires. My supernatural proclivities swing more in the direction of The X-Files rather than Harry Potter. I’m just not that into spell-casting magic. In general, I don’t seek out books about witches, wizards, warlocks, and other spell-throwing whatnots. I know I’m a backward bumpkin, but I haven’t read any Harry Potter.  *dodges stones* I’m not knocking it or any fans. I just can’t get into it.

4. Addicts in Recovery as Main Characters

I spend all my time waiting for the usually inevitable relapse, so I have a hard time enjoying anything else that’s going on. This most likely stems from my preference for comedy over tragedy. These stories are usually grim.

5. City Settings

I have nothing against cities, but I enjoy reading about settings other than Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. I searched for a mystery that took place in a small town but wasn’t classified as a cozy mystery. I wanted a serious, gritty crime that just happened to take place outside of a booming metropolis. (That’s why I wrote one.) Small-town detectives can be skilled investigators who simply don’t have every available resource available at a moment’s notice. Plus, readers get to travel to different venues and meet interesting locals.

Now that I’ve listed Five Things I Like to Read and Five Things I Don’t Like to Read, next week, I’m going to confess the exceptions to those rules.

What sorts of things do you tend to avoid reading or watching?