In Memoriam: Abby

Abby plays with her swatty toy at the lake house.
A few months ago, my in-laws saved a tiny, sick kitten by taking her into their home and giving her lots of tender loving care. On Sunday night, she died after a freak post-spaying incident.

For such a youngster, Abby was well-traveled and made two trips to our lake house, where Bert and I got to play with her. At first, she spent a lot of time hiding inside the box springs of the bed in the guest room, but once she realized that we wanted to play with her, she warmed up to us.

She once managed to disappear inside the cab of an F-250, causing everyone to think she had escaped at the last stop. After driving all the way back to the city, searching for hours, and driving back to the lake house, Abby revealed herself. She had been in the truck all the time and was wondering what all the fuss was about.

Abby had an array of toys that she had collected, including a cracker wrapper, a pen (I suspect she had aspirations to be a writer.), some pecans in the shell, a piece of plastic shaped like a hockey puck, a bookmark, and one store-bought toy with feathers. She kept them all in a Kleenex box, and she could remove them all by herself, which was quite a feat to observe.

Even though Abby’s life was too short, she was a very happy cat. She had the best of everything and loved her chosen humans. She even warmed up to Bert and I, and we loved having a cat at the lake house again.

Abby will be greatly missed.

6 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Abby

  1. There has been a special cat most every year of my life beginning when I was still traveling on all fours. First there was Mammy Cat, followed by Black Jack, Tiger, Archibald, Sunday and our classy Miss Kitty who at age 21 was still leaping onto a 4 ft wall. It had been at least 10 years that we had been catless when tiny Abby after viewing us from the scrubs ran between Ed and my feet, moved into our lives and heart. Thank you favorite daughter in law for sharing our sadness, Octavia & Ed

  2. Remember the good times and especially that God’s love was spread all around, as He
    intends. Give the sadness to God. Abby had a beautiful, even though, short lived life. She is one of God’s creatures and is with Him now. Read Romans 8:18-22.

  3. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet regardless of the time one spent with it. I can not imagine my life without a cat in it.

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