Representative List of Titles Copyedited or Proofread

Mercer University Press Books

  1. Lincoln Reshapes the Presidency, edited by Charles M. Hubbard
  2. Carl Vinson: Patriarch of the Armed Forces, James F. Cook
  3. “The Power of Woman”: The Life and Writings of Sarah Moore Grimke, Pamela Durso
  4. Emily’s Laughter: A New Look at Emily Dickinson, Louis and CatherineShilling
  5. Generations, George Strange
  6. Lake Moon, John Williams
  7. For the Record: A Robert Drake Reader, edited by Randy Hendricks and James A. Perkins
  8. Discovering the World, Thomas Jeffrey Vasseur
  9. Snakes Butterbeans, and the Discovery of Electricity,James Perkins
  10. Rhythms, Rick Wilson
  11. Rescue the Perishing: Selected Correspondence of Annie Armstrong, edited by Keith Harper
  12. Rise Up O Men of God,L. Dean Allen
  13. Strangers in Zion, William R. Glass
  14. Righteous Armies, Holy Cause, Terrie Aamodt
  15. A Kingdom Not of this World, Preston D. Graham, Jr.
  16. Richard Sibbes, Mark Dever
  17. Southern Baptist Sisters, David Morgan
  18. Redneck Liberation: Country Music as Theology, David Fillingim
  19. Duncan Hines Dessert Cookbook, edited by Louis Hatchett

Smyth &Helwys Books

  1. Revelation, Mitchell Reddish
  2. 1&2 Kings, Walter Brueggeman
  3. The Apocalyptic Revelation of Jesus, Ernest Lee Stoffel
  4. A Baptist’s Theology, R. Wayne Stacy
  5. Beyond the Broken Lights: Simple Words at Sacred Edges,Charles E. Poole
  6. Beyond the Shadows, T. C. Smith
  7. Central Thoughts on the Church in the 21st Century, Thomas E. Clifton
  8. ChristHeart: A Way of Knowing Jesus, Jeanie Miley
  9. Christianity and the Images of Science, Granville C. Henry
  10. The Church’s Portrait of Jesus, Linda McKinnish Bridges
  11. Creating and Leading Children’s Sermons, O. Suthern Sims
  12. The End of Certainty and the Beginning of Faith, D. Brian Austin
  13. Experiencing the Psalms, Stephen P. McCutchan
  14. From Promise to Exile: The Former Prophets, Marvin E. Tate
  15. The Gathered and Scattered Church: Equipping Believers for the 21st Century, Edward H. Hammett
  16. James Dunn: Champion for Religious Liberty, J. Brent Walker
  17. Keith Parks: Breaking Barriers and Opening Frontiers, Gary Baldridge
  18. My Questions, God’s Questions, Brother Ramon
  19. The Myth of Christian America: What You Need to Know about the Separation of Church and State, Mark Wheldon Whitten
  20. On Guard for Religious Liberty, Pam Parry
  21. Preaching and Intimacy, Charles B. Bugg
  22. Songs in the Desert, David R. Curry
  23. What It Means to Be Human, Molly Marshall

Smyth & Helwys Curricula, etc.

  1. Reflections, devotional guide
  2. Uniform Series Bible Study: Uniform Teaching Guide, Uniform Study Guide, Uniform Commentary, Uniform Resource Kit, and Reflections Devotional Guide, adult Bible study materials
  3. Under Construction: A Habitat for Humanity Vacation Bible School
  4. Formations Learner’s Study Guide, Formations Teaching Guide, adult Bible study materials
  5.  Intersection, youth Bible study materials
  6.  FaithSteps, children’s Bible study materials
  7. Press releases, catalogs, brochures, and fliers