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I’m going to be honest right up front: I write books for a living and would love it if you read them. My fiction titles are an eclectic mix of mysteries and Jane-Austen inspired romances. (Hence my gun/flower logo in the sidebar.) I have also co-authored a non-fiction book about overcoming horse-related fear. All my books are listed, linked, and described in great detail on this site.

When it comes down to it, I write because I love it. (But earning a living is kind of important. I like eating and such.) Still, nothing gives me more joy than creating characters that readers fall in love with, and I want to share their stories with you. I price my books to suit most budgets and offer formats to accommodate all reading styles–whether ebook, paperback, or audiobooks. To stay up to date with price-reduction sales and new launches, join my email list. But my ebooks are always free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Don’t worry. This website wasn’t created just for hawking my books. It’s also dedicated to facilitation of the literary life: all things writing and reading. Yes, I’ll be sharing books by my friends and resources for improving your writing and editing techniques.

But this site is not just for professional writers. It’s for everyone who loves reading and writing. It’s for people who love paper, pens, and pencils. It’s for people who journal and plan. It’s for people who get misty-eyed at the sight of an antique typewriter or who get excited walking down the back-to-school aisle. This little corner of the internet is dedicated to Loving the Literary Life.

So watch out! I will be enabling your introspective tendencies with all things Reading, Writing, Journaling, and Planning.

Caffeinate and read on!

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