Friday Freefrall, April 11, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is composed of random topics. I like being free to write whatever strikes my fancy, but in the past, I’ve tried to create some regular series. I’ve started features like Fraud Friday and Photo Friday, and I contemplated making a Friday Five post today. But then, I decided I’d never keep it up. I’m just too random.

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10 Questions to Ask before Quitting Your Day Job

Publishing is a business; writing is an art.

Publishing is a business; writing is an art.

Many writers dream of giving up their day jobs and writing full time, but because of the highly variable nature of monthly book royalties, it can be difficult to judge when the time is right to go it alone.

As writers, we don’t have the benefit of a fixed monthly income. We can’t count on $X per month. In fact, we have no idea what our income may be from one month to the next, and this makes it impossible for us to budget on a month-to-month basis. Full-time writers must plan ahead, or they may find themselves scrounging their couch cushions for pennies during a lean time.

Here are ten questions that will help you decide when the time is right to pursue a career as a full-time writer: Continue reading

How to Get Automatic Updates on Kindle Books

UpdateOccasionally, publishers make corrections and improvements to their ebook offerings. Until recently, Kindle owners had to update books manually. Did you know that? Yeah, I didn’t know until a few months back.

But now, you can set your Kindle to update books automatically. Just log into your Amazon account and go to “Manage Your Kindle.” Then choose “Automatic Book Updates.” Then turn it on! Voila, every book will update automatically.

A New Milestone: 100,000

Yesterday, Whiteley Press, LLC, sold its 100,00th book. Even though I’m still in shock, I’m also incredibly grateful to every person who decided to take a chance on one of my books.

“Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!”

When I first made the decision to self-publish, I admit it was out of necessity. A publisher told me that if I sold 1,000 copies of Charlotte Collins, they would consider publishing it. Even though this goal was met in a few short months, that publishing contract didn’t happen.

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