Live, Love, Longbourn

A Bennet Sisters Novel

Elizabeth Bennet’s dream of refurbishing Longbourn Farm and opening it as a quaint mountain inn is on the cusp of coming true. But when the nearby city of Rosings threatens the future of her small farming town, Elizabeth must swallow her pride and ask for the help of Liam Darcy, the man who offended her and then disappeared years ago.

Successful sports marketing exec Liam Darcy returns to Meryton in the hopes of claiming his inheritance and escaping town quickly. But his plans change the moment he encounters Elizabeth Bennet, the only woman who might have tempted him to stay. When he discovers that his own aunt Catherine de Bourgh and her henchman Arthur Collins are threatening the future of Meryton, he decides he must not allow it.

Together, Elizabeth and Liam must fight the overreaching grasp of the city of Rosings before it destroys not only the town of Meryton but the future of Elizabeth and all the Bennet sisters.

Live, Love, Longbourn is the first book in the Bennet Sisters Series, a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in three parts. These lighthearted novels focus on Elizabeth, Jane, and Lydia and their lives in the quaint mountain town of Meryton, Georgia. If you love Jane Austen and Hallmark movies, you’ll love The Bennet Sisters.

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Reviews of Live, Love, Longbourn

I just finished Live, Love, Longbourn and I MUST compliment you. It was such a good read: Witty, loving, intelligent and so well written. I shall start reading A Year with Jane Austen shortly and am looking forward to it. And I am eagerly looking forward to vol.2 of the Bennet sisters – I liked Lydia so much 🙂

Doris, via email