Death Benefits

Southern Fraud Mystery 2

Fraud investigator Julia Jackson is back in action, and her next assignment throws her straight into the crosshairs of a desperate man who will do anything to keep his secret safe.

Late one night, a car burns on a lonely rural road, and the discovery of a body—charred beyond recognition—in the driver’s seat sets in motion a series of deadly events. And when the wife of the supposedly deceased driver demands her husband’s million-dollar life insurance payout before the autopsy can be completed, fraud investigators Julia Jackson and Mark Vincent must determine exactly how the victim died and at whose hands.

As Julia and Vincent tangle with angry suspects, another man is working behind the scenes to sever his connection to the body by any means necessary.

Soon Julia and Vincent realize they are not dealing with an average death benefits scam, but with a potential serial killer.

The six-book Southern Fraud Mystery series blends gripping suspense with a hint of Southern charm and a slow-burn romance.

Reviews of Death Benefits

Becton hits readers with another thriller. Starting with page one, the reader is dropped right into the action. From imagery to characters and banter, Becton continually gains and keeps her reader’s attention. I was so absorbed in the investigation, I found myself taking mental notes as I tried to uncover this mystery alongside the special agents. As the climax approached, I was right there in the action with Julia and Vincent…. It is Becton’s ability to create vivid scenes for her readers that helps make them feel a part of the story. Whether her characters are in the office, interviewing a suspect, or on the scene, it is easy to see, feel and relate to them. Part of what makes the reader a part of the story are the characters. They are real characters, with real issues, and can be found in anyone’s community.

Jakki L., Amazon Review

Becton’s strengths lie in her character development, which she accomplishes mainly through dialogue and sparse description; in her complex, nail-biting plots; and in her laugh-out-loud sense of humor. The question of romance creeps forward every few chapters, tantalizing us with possibilities but leaving plenty of room for development through the upcoming books in the series.

Kelly L., Amazon Review

Death Benefits is an action packed thriller that puts you on an exciting path of strange twists and turns that had me wondering what was going to happen next! It’s a great whodunit, but with just enough physical attraction between Julia and Vincent to keep the romantic in me happy!

Another fantastic story!… I can’t get enough of Vincent! #MarkVincentfangirl

Candy M. of So Little Time

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