Ghostwriting and Business Editorial Consulting

No time to write?

You have the ideas, the experience, and the expertise. You have a vital message to share with your clients.

But as a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to get the words on paper, much less edit the text, format and design the book, and launch it into the marketplace.

At Becton Literary Services, we can start with your idea—your vision, your voice—and take your message all the way from dream to published work.

Put your time where it matters most: with your clients.

What about AI?

We love AI! It’s an amazing, time-saving creative tool that belongs in your entrepreneurial toolkit. But…

  • It takes time and effort to refine prompts to get the results you need.
  • AI-generated content can sound awkward and stilted.
  • Content must be fact checked before publication.
  • Grammar and punctuation must still be checked and verified.

A ghostwriter can amplify your message.

Becton Literary Services can…

  • Leverage AI to produce outlines and rough drafts quickly
  • Humanize AI-generated content to ensure that your message is written in your brand voice
  • Copyedit and proofread text so that it showcases your ideas as clearly as possible

At Becton Literary, we go beyond content creation. We can design and bring your book to the marketplace

Don’t let your AI-generated content inadvertently give clients the impression that all your work is unprofessional and sloppy.

Maybe your words are getting in the way of your message.

Like it or not, your writing says a lot about you, your company, and the quality of the work you do.

Typos, bad grammar, and disorganized formatting may not seem like critical issues when compared to the overall scope of your message. But each tiny mistake adds up to create a major distraction for your audience.

If your proposals, marketing materials, and websites are full of little mistakes, what message does that send to clients?

Unfortunately, it says that you do careless work.

People don’t hire firms that are careless.

Elevate Your Business with Editorial Consulting

Spellcheck and grammar check can’t catch everything.

Not even AI can give you the results you want.

You need a human on your team who understands the nuances of your message and can help you communicate it to clients.

Let Becton Literary help you…

  • Polish your proposals so that your ideas shine.
  • Clarify your message and make it easy for clients to hire you.
  • Build trust in your professionalism and attention to detail from first contact to contract.

Ready to Get Results?

Let’s get the words out of your way.