The Marketing Department: What Not to Do

As I reviewed my proposed outline for what has turned into a 7-part series on book marketing, I realized I’m heading into the weeds with my Book Business series. I’m going to head myself off at the pass and move on to other topics for two main reasons: This is supposed to be a series […]

The Marketing Department: Giveaways and Sales (Part 4)

The Marketing Department Giveaways and Sales If you opted to enroll your book in KDP Select, you are entitled to 7 days worth of giveaways or sales every quarter. KDP Select Giveaways Enrolling a book in KDP Select gives you the opportunity to run a Free Book Promotion, where readers worldwide can get your book […]

The Marketing Department: How to Build an Email List (Part 3)

The Marketing Department How (and Why) to Build an Email List One of a writer’s greatest pleasures is sharing her book with readers. But how does one reach those elusive readers? Well, social media, of course. Unfortunately, social media has limitations. Even though people opt in to your pages and feeds, it’s still not the […]

The Marketing Department: Action-Movie Marketing (Part 2)

The Marketing Department: Action-Movie Marketing Every author’s goal is to make their books visible to the widest audience possible, but the simple fact is that not every reader will be interested in every book. Therefore, some level of marketing focus is needed. Stop Pray-and-Spray Marketing Have you ever watched an action movie from the 1980s? […]

The Marketing Department (Part 1)

The Marketing Department When it comes to book marketing, writers usually have one of two possible reactions: Extreme Digust Extreme Exuberance Both can be equally bad. Extreme Disgust: Write, Publish, and Hope for the Best Writers who fall into the first category of Extreme Disgust just want to write, publish, and hope for the best. They […]