I suppose a legal disclaimer on a blog is part of living in a litigious society, but it seems a bit silly to me. Here we go anyway:

The opinions expressed on this website by me–Jennifer Becton–or those providing comments on my literary prowess are ours alone, and they do not reflect the views of the people or organizations mentioned herein. All of the nuggets of genius contained in this blog do, however, reflect the opinion of my employer. I am self-employed.

Also, other than my own personal store in which I sell copies of my books through Paypal, the businesses and products mentioned in the ads on this page are not my responsibility. I do not guarantee these products or services, but I do hope these companies treat you right. I do (attempt) to make a small profit from the banner ads and links on this page. I am also a BN and Smashwords affiliate.

I reserve the right to delete spam and any comment that violates trademark, copyright, or other laws, including those of common decency.

Regarding giveaways of paperback copies of my books on this blog, my website, Twitter, or any other forum: I will make an honest attempt to get the book to the winner of the giveaway. If, however, the book is returned through no fault of my own, I cannot resend it. As much as I wish I could, I cannot afford it. Shipping is expensive, especially internationally. So please make sure I have your correct (real) name and address!

I may occasionally make the odd slip in grammar or take someone’s quotation out of context. And I do my very best to use only images that are in the public domain or meant for advertising purposes, but at some point, I may commit a faux pas. These are mistakes and are, by definition, unintentional. If you have any questions about the veracity of any statements in this blog, consult the following proverb:

Trust, but verify.

So in general, do not believe anything you read on this blog unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true or you have done your own research on the matter.

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