Riding Fear Free

US Cover Edition

UK Cover Edition

Help for Fearful Riders and Their Horses
by Laura Daley and Jennifer Becton

Are you a fearful rider? Have you been searching for help in overcoming your fear so that you can finally achieve your horseback riding dreams? Or are you a riding instructor or horse trainer who struggles to convince fearful students that they can ride with confidence?

If so, Riding Fear Free can help.

Riding Fear Free goes beyond the traditional equitation and horse training advice and straight to the heart of the matter by addressing the true problem: Fear.

Learn how the scientific principles of fear extinction and memory replacement can be applied at the barn and under saddle so that you will never have another fearful ride.

Learn How to

Rate Your Fear Level

See the Reality of Your Situation

Deal with Emotions

Replace Fear Memories

Riding Fear Free
Help for Fearful Riders and Their Teachersis available in several editions to suit any budget.

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