A Year with Jane Austen

Modern Austen Short Stories

Spend a Year with Jane Austen!

Celebrate the holidays and special seasons of the year with a visit to all six of Jane Austen’s major novels.

Jennifer Becton’s Holidays with Jane stories have been collected into a single volume. Plus a brand-new bonus story from Pride and Prejudice.

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Valentine’s Day: “Fangirl”

Catherine Moreland is a graphic designer by day and paranormal romance fangirl by night. Hoping to live out her supernatural fantasy, she jumps at the opportunity to spend Valentine’s weekend at the most haunted inn in Savannah, Georgia. Will Catherine’s fantasy become reality? Or is she just a silly fangirl?

Spring: “Lydia Reimagined”

When reformed party girl Lydia Bennet receives an invitation to her ex George Wickham’s destination wedding, she accepts with the intention of showing him exactly what he gave up when he dumped her. But nothing can change Wickham’s view of Lydia, and then there’s her sudden attraction to old college friend Kyle “Denny” Dennison…. Now that Lydia has reimagined her whole life, will she be able to open her heart to the future?

Summer: “An (Un)Even Exchange”

Nora Dashwood’s plans for a relaxing summer fall apart when her sister Marianne arrives on her doorstep to get over a recent breakup. As if that weren’t enough, Nora must also deal with her delusional neighbor Lucy, a private investigator with an overeager client, and a handsome man with a secret past. Will Nora’s life ever return to normal, or will she have the romance she never dreamed of?

Independence Day: “Infatuation and Independence”

Lifelong follower Kitty Bennet thinks a summer of solitude in the mountains will help her decide what she wants from life. After a chance roadside encounter with good-looking contractor Josh Parrish, Kitty begins to rethink her choice to be completely alone. Josh immediately likes Kitty and only wants her to agree to one date. Will Kitty yield to the advice of her overbearing mother or follow her heart?

Halloween: “Mansfield Unmasked”

An impromptu Halloween party at Mansfield Park Boarding House provides Pug an opportunity to use his magic powers to unite Pryce and Spenser. But can he expose their true feelings for each other before his powers fade?

Thanksgiving: “Thanksgiving on Hartfield Street”

When vet student Harriet “Addy” Woodhouse returns home to Highbury, Georgia, for Thanksgiving, she longs to relax and spend time with her father, her sister Emma, and her best friend Martin. But Emma’s incessant meddling causes Addy to hatch her own cunning plan, which not only threatens to ruin the entire Thanksgiving celebration, but reveals the secret loves of both sisters’ hearts.

Christmas: “The Work of an Instant”

When Frederick Wentworth’s ship docks at the Navy base in Charleston just in time for Christmas, Anne Elliot feels torn between desire to see her former fiancé and fear of rejection. Will taking a risk end in humiliation or give Anne a second chance with her first love? To find out, all she has to do is turn around and face him.

Always free to read on Kindle Unlimited.