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Welcome to Mercer, Georgia, where nothing dangerous is ever supposed to happen.

Julia Jackson thought her life would calm down after budget cuts forced her layoff from the Mercer Police Department, but her new job as a fraud investigator with the Department of Insurance isn’t exactly providing the safety and serenity she’s been searching for. The crimes she investigates may be white collar, but the criminals are still seeing red. And a few of them become desperate enough to resort to violence and murder.

Add to that Julia’s lifelong search to bring her sister’s rapist to justice and the complications of her new partner Mark Vincent, and her life–and her heart–is in more danger than ever.

J. W. Becton combines the action and suspense of a thriller with the quirkiness and charm of the South. Throw in a bit of mystery and romance and a dash of comedy, and you’ve got the Southern Fraud Mystery Series.