Editorial Services

I’m Jennifer Becton, a professional proofreader and copyeditor with more than twenty years of experience editing fiction and nonfiction books, essays, marketing materials, business proposals, web content, journal articles, and even an encyclopedia.

I offer proofreading and copyediting services for authors and businesspeople who want to elevate their work to the next level.

Editorial Services for Authors

Are you an aspiring writer or indie publisher who wants a professional editor to help polish your work?

Are you finalizing a short story, novella, or novel for publication?

If so, let Becton Literary Services help you prepare your manuscript.

Let Becton Literary Help You Produce the Best Book Possible

Not only have I copyedited many books written by other authors, but I’m an author too. I’ve written and published more than a dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction. I’ve hired copyeditors and proofreaders to help me perfect my own work. So I know how it feels to have my work critiqued!

My goal is NOT to wield a red pen and carelessly slash words from the manuscript you worked so hard to write. My goal is to help you produce the best book possible.

By the way…if you’re a self-publisher, check out my free series: The Book Business for Indie Publishers.

Are you ready to write your best book?

Editorial Consulting for Business

Not getting the results from your proposals? Is your marketing material not generating new clients? Is your website a ghostown?

Becton Literary is pleased to offer business editorial consulting services. Let me help polish your reports, marketing materials, resumes, and proposals with an eye toward consistency and clear communication

and reader by providing high quality editorial support.

Are you ready to elevate your business?

Whether you produce fiction or nonfiction books or business materials, Becton Literary wants to help you reach your literary goals.

What Clients Say about Me

I’m more than pleased to recommend Jennifer to further your next writing or editing project. You will find her humorous, intelligent, and perceptive. Do yourself a favor and let her help you reach your audience, sharpen your words, or even let her choose your words for you. If your project is important to you, then it deserves Jennifer’s skill and attention.

Kevin Manus-Pennings via LinkedIn

Get the Words out of Your Way!

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