At Fault

Southern Fraud Mystery 3

Will Julia and Vincent cling to the belief that they have done right, or will they begin to see themselves as people At Fault?

Operating on an insider’s tip, Julia and Vincent go undercover to infiltrate an organized fraud ring. But the closer they come to identifying the size and scope of the organization, the more they realize that their source has withheld vital information, causing them to make errors in their investigation—errors that may have grave consequences for an innocent victim.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Julia must both confront mistakes from the past that could destroy their hopes for the future. Vincent’s tenuous relationship with his son is tested once again. And now that Julia’s search for her sister’s rapist has finally paid off, how will Tricia and the rest of the family react to the news?

Will Julia and Vincent unravel the fraud ring before someone innocent gets hurt? Will they be able to keep their families together?

The six-book Southern Fraud Mystery series blends gripping suspense with a hint of Southern charm and a slow-burn romance.

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Reviews of At Fault

There’s lots of action and lots of eye-opening info about insurance fraud. It’s a very good and complete read because the characters are so real and believable and the insurance scams and moments of action are well researched.

OLT, Amazon Review

Insurance fraud is something which doesn’t get much media attention, unless it’s a big one, involving someone important. The plot of this book has Julia and Vincent back in the action to investigate fraud with auto accidents. Everyone is in it, from the “witnesses” to the medicos and of course, to the auto repair shops….

I particularly like the romantic aspect of the series, because of it’s authenticity – no spoiler again – and am looking forward to reading more about these interesting characters.

Diana M. Hockley, Amazon Review

At Fault is the 3rd book in the Southern Fraud series. This is a well-written story filled with suspense and mystery. The characters are fully developed, and depth is added with each new story. I have enjoyed all 3 books and definitely loved the ending of this one! I am looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.

Linda, Amazon Review

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