Moral Hazard

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Southern Fraud Mystery 4

Seven years ago, Julia Jackson made a desperate decision. Now it’s coming back to haunt her….

Now that Julia Jackson has completed her quest to identify and bring charges against her sister’s rapist, everything finally seems to be going her way. All she has to do is await his trial and sentencing, and she has a new fraud case and a burgeoning relationship with Mark Vincent to occupy her time.

As usual, her simple fraud case turns out to be much more complicated—and dangerous—than anyone anticipated. That’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with before. But when an anomaly is discovered in the DNA evidence needed to convict the rapist, Julia’s past mistakes may come to light, and she is thrown into a moral dilemma that will define who she is as an investigator and as a person.

The six-book Southern Fraud Mystery series blends gripping suspense with a hint of Southern charm and a slow-burn romance.

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Reviews of Moral Hazard

I am a huge fan of this series for one major reason: The imagery will take you into another world! I am a big fan of thrillers, and while most will be familiar with the plotline of ‘whodunit?’ Becton has the ability to surprise up to the end. I have a feeling #5 will be in the works soon, I only wish I could read it now!

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