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“Cancellation Notice”

A Southern Fraud Short Story

Meet Julia Jackson. She’s a sleep-deprived, soon-to-be laid-off police officer, and she’s about to commit a felony.

See how it all began!

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My goal is to offer as many free reads as possible on That’s why the following titles–The Book Business for Indie Publishers and Dead Inside: A Calla Escott Novel–can be read here free in their entirety either as blog posts or pdfs.

However, in the future, I want to offer the convenience of reading in a traditional ebook format on whatever device you prefer. Because of the time and work involved in compiling, editing, and formatting ebooks, they will be sold at cost exclusively at Available soon!

The Book Business for Indie Publishers

Writing is an art; publishing is a business.

A blog series on business basics for writers that includes:

  • Editorial best practices
  • Design tips
  • Financial planning
  • Tax basics
  • Marketing mania

Dead Inside

A Calla Escott Novel

Dead Inside is an unedited, paranormal romantic suspense novel.

Dead Inside was originally posted as a serial novel on my blog. You can read the full novel chapter-by-chapter now!