Don’t Look Back

Mercer Murder 1

Take a chance and whatever happens, Don’t Look Back.

Tripp Carver takes his job as a violent crimes detective seriously. In the name of truth and justice, he’ll do whatever it takes to make things right…no matter what it costs him. Despite the dark and violent crimes he investigates, Tripp always tries to stay on the sunny side of life. He aims to enjoy each day and appreciate the people around him. That’s why everyone in the department loves him.

Everyone except Detective Aubrey Stewart.

And of course, Aubrey’s most recent domestic violence case forces her to team up with the too-handsome, too-charming, too-frustrating Detective Carver. As an investigator on the Domestic Violence Unit, Aubrey’s seen her fair share of manipulative charmers. And she’s not going to be taken in by Tripp’s swagger and flirtation. She’ll focus on work, no matter the distraction before her.

She hopes.

Together, Tripp and Aubrey must search for a missing young woman and track down a possibly violent, definitely armed man who has disappeared somewhere on the streets of Mercer, Georgia.

Will Aubrey and Tripp be able to work together to make things right for the victims of violence and abuse? Or will they allow the past to hold them back?

The last time we saw our hero….

In the Southern Fraud Mystery Series, the always charming and devastatingly handsome Detective Tripp Carver was helping his childhood friend Julia Jackson search for the man who attacked her sister. Even though he didn’t approve of all Julia’s methods, he was instrumental in bringing Tricia’s attacker to justice.

Tripp also helped Julia and Mark Vincent investigate the rampant fraud that was taking place in Mercer, Georgia. To his great disappointment, he discovered that his own beloved Mercer Police Department was not immune to the fraud in the city.

After exposing the corruption in the MPD, many of Tripp’s colleagues were fired, sent to prison, or both. And worse, the state shut down the department and merged it with the county sheriff’s office, causing Tripp to lose not only his police family but his job as well.

At the end of Sunset Clause, he watched his high school sweetheart Julia marry Mark Vincent, a bittersweet event. Now it seems like he’s starting his whole life over.

In Don’t Look Back, Tripp has found solace in his new job at the newly-formed Mercer City-County PD, where he became a senior detective in the Violent Crimes Unit. But he’s looking for something or someone to fill the void in his heart.

And that’s where our story begins….

Get a sneak peek at the first two chapters below.


Reviews of Don’t Look Back

Loved it! It’s been a while since I read the other 6, but this one I’m pretty sure is my favorite. Great job on the mystery!! I had just finished a mystery by another author which was terrible so this was such a welcome treat!!! I love that your books aren’t graphic, the language isn’t offensive, and your characters are so well developed as well as believable and likable. You hit this one out of the park!! Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks!

Debbie, via email