Thankful Hearts

Holidays with Jane

Published by Indie Jane Press, LLC

It’s time for crisp weather, colorful leaves, and a Thanksgiving feast. The authors of the Holidays with Jane series bring you Holidays with Jane: Thankful Hearts with six modern-day adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels. Join your favorite heroines around the fire with a cup of hot apple cider for heart-warming takes on these classic stories.

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A Persuasive Visitor
by Cecilia Gray

Thanksgiving with your crazy family is hard enough without your rich and sexy ex-boyfriend, whom you were dumb enough to dump, showing up for the weekend. The only way it could be any worse would be if he started paying attention to another girl… which, of course, is exactly what happens to Anne Elliot. But the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only direction to go is up.

North by Northanger
by Jessica Grey

Kate Moore knows a lot about softball and sass…but she’s clueless when it comes to guys. Especially smart, cute, worldly guys like Henry Taylor. When Henry invites her home for Thanksgiving, Kate is over the moon. But will her propensity for acting first and thinking later mess up her chances with Henry?

Second Time’s the Charm
by Nancy Kelley

Marianne Dashwood has always believed in One True Love. But when her love isn’t true, Brandon Collins helps her pick up the pieces. Marianne dismissed her mother’s boring neighbor when they met, but his quiet personality hides depths that call to her as she gets to know him.
Will Marianne’s dedication to the ideal of One True Love leave her alone forever? Or will she find that with Brandon, the second time’s the charm?

Thanksgiving on Hartfield Street
by Jennifer Becton

When vet student Harriet “Addy” Woodhouse returns home to Highbury, Georgia, for Thanksgiving, she longs to relax and spend time with her father, her sister Emma, and her best friend Martin. But Emma’s incessant meddling causes Addy to hatch her own cunning plan, which not only threatens to ruin the entire Thanksgiving celebration, but reveals the secret loves of both sisters’ hearts.

Melanie Perceived
by Rebecca M. Fleming

For as long as she can remember, Melanie Frances Price has loved Eddie. Growing up next door to the wealthy Bertrams, she is used to being his shadow – they are inseparable, the “Eddie & Frankie Show.” With post-college plans on the horizon, she hopes the friendship will (finally) develop into more. But when MaryJo Crawford waltzes onto the scene, changing everything, Melanie must decide what is really worth fighting for.

The Construction of a Heart
by Melissa Buell

Elizabeth Bennet credits the success of Bennet Homes to her close-knit family, however dysfunctional they might be. The Meryton Chamber of Commerce calls on local businesses to host the annual All-Town Thanksgiving Feast. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is paired up with pretentious businessman Will Darcy of Pemberley Estates, her main rival in the construction business. Will Elizabeth be able to fill up her Thankful Jar this year?