The Taxman Interrupteth

We interrupt this mini-series of posts from The Editorial Department to discuss a time sensitive matter: taxes. I can hear your whoops of joy and elation. Everyone loves to talk about federal taxes, right? Sure you do. January 31 is the deadline to send 1099s to contractors. We’ll discuss 1099s now, and the remainder of […]

The Editorial Department (Part 1)

Any publishing venture starts with a book. I assume you have already a manuscript either in progress or completed and that you plan to make your book available through one or more publishing portals. Because this series focuses on the business aspects of book publishing, we’re not going to cover the how-tos of book creation […]

The Book Business for Indie Publishers

When you decided to write a book, you might have envisioned selling your work to a traditional publisher and sitting back while the adulation and royalty checks rolled in. But wait! The market changed, and writers have the option of publishing their own work through various portals, including Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press, Kobo, Smashwords, […]