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Buy an eBook for a Worthy Cause

Photo Via Ride 2 Recovery's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ride-2-Recovery/158096691111

Buy Absolute Liability on ebook for only $0.99 from July 4-18, 2011, and help donate to Ride 2 Recovery to support wounded service members in their rehabilitation.


Ride 2 Recovery is a 501c3 charity that benefits the physical and mental rehab of injured veterans. The program features cycling, an activity in which almost all patients can participate and that speeds the recovery process. More than 90 percent of each dollar donated to Ride 2 Recovery goes directly to those it serves. And let me tell you, these riders’ stories are inspirational.

For more information, please visit the Ride 2 Recovery website or read this blog post by Adam Baldwin about his experience on a R2R ride. (Incidentally, I originally discovered R2R thanks to the aforementioned blog post, so Mr. Baldwin, if you’re reading this, you have my thanks and a free copy of Absolute Liability, if you’d like it.)

These soldiers willingly served our country to protect our freedoms, including the freedom of any person to write anything and to share it with through the open market. I value my right to write and read freely. I’m thankful.

So for those reasons, from July 4-18, 2011, Absolute Liability will be only $0.99 on ebook and:

  • 10 percent of all author’s royalties during this time period will be donated to  Ride 2 Recovery to help wounded service members.
  • If Absolute Liability makes the Amazon Top 100 ebook list for even 1 hour, the donation will be increased to $500.
  • If the book cracks the Amazon Top 20, the donation will be further increased by $500, totaling $1,000 to help our wounded warriors.

Thank you, members of the US armed forces, for your decision to serve. And thank you readers for your generosity.

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To read about members of my own family who served in the armed forces, please go here.

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