You Can Move the Door

When my engineer hubby and I decided it was time to build a house, we spent a lot of time working on all the details. We chose everything from paint color to faucets. After a lot of hard work–we painted the whole interior ourselves–we had exactly the house we dreamed of owning. Except for one […]

Writing Fear Free: Critiques

Books are not babies, but hearing criticism of a newborn manuscript can often feel almost as personal. Yes, I’m at the critique stage of the writing process. And yes, it’s still difficult sometimes. Writers put a great deal of work, time, and heart into a manuscript, and it is scary to think all that might […]

Be Kind to Copy Editors Day

Copy editors take a lot of grief. I know. I’ve been doing this job for ten years. And now that I’ve written and published a book, I can honestly say that I have experienced the editorial process from all angles. I know how it feels to have your work marked up and to see changes […]

Writing Fear Free: Punctuation and Style

When I first began copy editing, I did not truly understand style, and probably, I am still growing in my comprehension of it. But because grammar, punctuation, and style can be stumbling blocks to writing fear free, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far. A writer’s first goal should be communication. Not only are we […]

Austen Experience: Not Her Style?

  OK, everyone grab your smelling salts and assume a Mrs. Bennet-like posture on your sofa because I am about to induce an attack on your poor nerves.  Here we go.   Are you ready?   Jane Austen had an editor.   I’ll give you a moment to recover.