When Real Life Attacks

Lots of people have been emailing, Facebooking, and tweeting me about At Fault. Thank you for that! It’s so exciting to know that other people care about Julia, Vincent, and Tricia and want to know what happens next in Mercer, Georgia. I know it seems like a long time since Death Benefits came out, and […]

Status of At Fault

Thank you to everyone who has written to ask about the release date of At Fault. I’m flattered that so many people are eager to read what happens next in Mercer, Georgia. I am still not ready to pin down a launch date for the book. This has been a high-volume year for me. Death […]

3 Reasons I Am Hitting Refresh

As I am working on At Fault, I must remain conscious of everything that has happened in Absolute Liability and Death Benefits. The story has to continue and make sense, but so do all the trappings of the series, like titles, subtitles, cover art, and even little things like interior fonts. A few weeks ago, […]

Dramedy: Apparently, It’s a Word

I already adopted the word “ginormous,” so why not add “dramedy” to my vocabulary too? Dictionary.com defines it as a “a television program or series using both serious and comic subjects, usually without relying on conventional plots, laugh tracks, etc.” Webster says, “a comedy (as a film or television show) having dramatic moments.” First used […]

Death Benefits Is Back on BN

When it comes to book sales–and several other things, like calories and weight loss–I try to look at everything in terms of numbers. Numbers are not emotional; they’re not about feelings. They’re just numbers. Facts. If I normally eat a 2,000 calorie diet and switch to a 1,500 calorie diet, I will decrease my weight […]