Thank You!

Thank you all for making the launch of Moral Hazard so incredibly exciting and successful already! I’m grateful to everyone who waited patiently to find out what happens next to Julia and Vincent.

Moral Hazard: The Go Button Has Been Hit

The “Go Button” has been hit! Moral Hazard should be available on Kindle and Nook in the next 12-24 hours. It will arrive at other ebook retailers in the next few days. The paperback will be out later. I’ll post links when they are live!

Moral Hazard Updates

Everything is on schedule for the upcoming release of Moral Hazard! I am currently doing the final proofread. I made sure to check the number of swear words (don’t worry, I kept the number and severity the same as the others in the series). I also removed some repetitive sections and fixed a few typos. […]

The Time Draws Near

Moral Hazard will be released on ebook by March 24! (The paperback creation and proofing process takes longer.) The ARCs have been sent out to reviewers, and I’m about to begin my final read of the text. I worked hard to make Moral Hazard the best it could be , and I hope everyone will […]