Spend a Year with Jane Austen

I have two new Kindle options:

1. A Year with Jane Austen: Modern Austen Short Stories

Celebrate the holidays and special seasons of the year with a visit to all six of Jane Austen’s major novels.

This is a collection of all my modern Austen short stories originally found in Holidays with Jane. Includes “Infatuation and Independence,” A BRAND-NEW BONUS STORY from Pride and Prejudice! ($2.99) https://amzn.to/2IR1Cqr



But if you’ve already read all the Holidays with Jane books and just want access to “Infatuation and Independence,” the new short story from P&P, look here….

2. Infatuation and Independence: A Modern Austen Short Story

Lifelong follower Kitty Bennet thinks a summer of solitude in the mountains will help her decide what she wants from life. After a chance roadside encounter with good-looking contractor Josh Parrish, Kitty begins to rethink her choice to be completely alone. Josh immediately likes Kitty and only wants her to agree to one date. Will Kitty yield to the advice of her overbearing mother or follow her heart? ($0.99)

This story is brand new! https://amzn.to/2KMdefX