The Editorial Department (Part 3)

What to Expect from Your Editor So far, in this series on the editing aspects of the book business (part 1 and part 2) , we discussed author-editor relations, levels of editing, and some general pricing structure. Now let’s talk about what authors should expect from editors. When your work comes back from the editor, you […]

The Editorial Department (Part 2)

Editing: Scheduling and Services (The Editorial Department, Part 2) Editing is hard work, and it requires a great deal of time, focus, and concentration. An editor does not approach an editing job as if it is a pleasure read. This is meticulous work. As such, a book that may take the average person 8 hours […]

The Editorial Department (Part 1)

Any publishing venture starts with a book. I assume you have already a manuscript either in progress or completed and that you plan to make your book available through one or more publishing portals. Because this series focuses on the business aspects of book publishing, we’re not going to cover the how-tos of book creation […]