Publishing Fear Free: Etiquette

I know it probably seems odd to write about etiquette in a publishing post, but I think it’s one of the most important factors in book promotion. Many websites, blogs, and message boards invite authors to promote their books for no cost; however, writers have to learn the rules of each venue. Where can you […]

Publishing Fear Free: Book Promotion

In a rather timely coincidence, J. A. Konrath blogged about ebook promotion on the same day that I experienced my first book promotional flop. In October 2010, I purchased a Kindle Boards Book Sponsorship, which is basically a small ad at the top of an ebook discussion board. I had read many authors had success […]

Publishing Fear Free: Hey! Who Moved My Mid-List?

So, if you’re following publishing these days, you know that things are changing rapidly due to the advent of ebooks. You’ve heard that fewer authors are offered traditional deals (take me for example) and that the mid-list is shrinking. Traditional publishers are only looking for the big bestsellers and passing over the more niche offerings. […]

Publishing Fear Free: Partners

Choosing the right partners for your self-publishing business venture is critical. At this point, you will likely want to have both a paperback and ebook version of your novel or non-fiction book, and this means you’ll be partnering at least two companies: a printer/distributor and an ebook seller/distributor. If you want to produce an audiobook, […]

Publishing Fear Free: Getting Started

Recently, I have been flattered to receive several private emails about self-publishing. I am excited to learn that my blog about the ups and downs of my own publishing adventures has resonated with you writers out there and that some of you are now considering stepping out on your own to face the world, book […]