The Marketing Department (Part 1)

The Marketing Department When it comes to book marketing, writers usually have one of two possible reactions: Extreme Digust Extreme Exuberance Both can be equally bad. Extreme Disgust: Write, Publish, and Hope for the Best Writers who fall into the first category of Extreme Disgust just want to write, publish, and hope for the best. They […]

The Finance Department: Federal Income Taxes

Federal Income Taxes The Finance Department Taxes are a fact of life. As an indie author, you need to take them seriously, but there’s no need to panic when tax time arrives. If even Einstein thought the income tax was difficult to understand, then obviously the US federal tax code—and the accompanying load of regulations—is […]

The Design Department

Welcome to the Design Department! As an indie publisher, you are ultimately responsible for the presentation of your product–your book–to potential readers. You get to choose your cover art, the title font, and even the interior layout of your book. The Design Department is where your edited text turns into a real book! Your manuscript […]

The Book Business for Indie Publishers

When you decided to write a book, you might have envisioned selling your work to a traditional publisher and sitting back while the adulation and royalty checks rolled in. But wait! The market changed, and writers have the option of publishing their own work through various portals, including Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press, Kobo, Smashwords, […]