If Amazon Goes to the Dark Side

What Will Happen to Indie Authors If Amazon Goes Bad Every time someone in Amazon’s publishing sector sneezes, indie authors seem to freak out. Hey, you are entitled to your freak out. Go ahead. Panic! Get it all out. Okay, that’s done. Let’s discuss indie authors’ fears and then what will happen if/when they come […]

Let’s Go, Kobo!

Kobo’s announcement today of their new self-publishing platform called Writing Life shows us the value of real competition in the marketplace and, strangely enough, explains why I don’t think Amazon is the devil for launching its Select program. Sure, Amazon came out of the gate aggressive with its Select program in that it is the […]

The Experiment Continues

Last Wednesday, I offered Death Benefits free on Kindle, and despite the fact that the giveaway actually began five hours late, it turned into my largest yet. Because it was book 2 in my series, I expected a slight improvement in the sales of Absolute Liability, but I didn’t anticipate the jump it took, going […]

And now the results of that trial….

Drum roll, please. The results of my Kindle Select experiment: As far as I can tell, the Select program has two main advantages: the ability to lend your books free to Kindle owners and the opportunity to make participating titles free for 5 days every 3 months. On the surface, this may not sound like […]