The Hit List

Publishing News with a Bullet Authors battle to get their rights back from Harlequin in class action lawsuit. Shenanigans employed. Harlequin should be ashamed. Court approves Apple’s $450 million ebook settlement. Is money coming your way? US leads world in ebook lending. Given that the US also leads in ebook selling, that doesn’t seem all […]

Hard Data: Amazon v. Hachette Update

Amazon’s Data Supporting Lower Ebook Prices Ordinarily, I would link straight to the text, but there is vital information here, and you should read it even if you don’t care about the Amazon v. Hachette nonsense. Look at the numbers. Let me sum up and quote: Amazon favors lower ebook prices, which result in higher […]

NYT Bestseller Eisler Goes Indie

Unless you live under a rock–or just don’t follow the publishing biz–you have heard that Barry Eisler turned down a $500,000 contract with Saint Martin’s Press to self-publish. It sounds insane, but he will make more money self-pubbing his novels than he would by taking that outrageous deal. But more important to me than the […]