Reading Comprehension and Digital Books: Jury Still Out

Reading Comprehension: Better on Kindle or Paper? According to a recent study, reading on paper produces better comprehension than reading a PDF on a shiny monitor. According to a recenter study, “While the type of E Ink used in the latest generation of Kindles and other tablets has been shown to be as or even […]

Digital or Paper: Which Leads to Better Reading Comprehension?

According to a new study by Anne Mangen and her colleagues at the Reading Centre of the University of Stavanger in Norway, reading text on paper leads to better reading comprehension than reading on a computer screen. The Methodology (emphasis added): They randomly divided 72 of their 10th grade teens into two groups. Both were […]

The Brain

Part of what I love about writing fiction is the chance to step into the minds of my characters, especially if they think very differently from the way I think. And the most interesting aspect of helping to write Riding Fear Free: Help for Fearful Riders and Their Teachers was the chance to research the […]